About fraud prevention

Dock Protect offers fraud prevention services at the transactional level in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, what allows processors, issuers, fintechs and banks to provide greater safety to their customers, also ensuring to them an enhanced experience and greater control. All of this is possible without the bureaucracy of acquiring a license or purchasing software, and with an assurance of platform maintenance.

Fraud prevention strategies

The fraud prevention strategies shape an entire control model against the main fraud offenders, from the entry of a new customer to make reports on their financial behavior. The following image shows events in the fraud prevention cycle, as well as the scope of the strategies that acts from the onboarding (KYCKYC - Acronym for "Know your customer", "knowing your customer" or "knowing your customer's guidelines" in financial services requires that professionals strive to verify the identity, suitability and risks involved in maintaining a business relationship .), authentication / tangibles, transactional events, non-monetary events up to the control of AMLAML - Anti-Money Laundering, refers, therefore, to work to prevent the financial resources obtained in an illegal manner from being reinserted in the country's economic cycle with the appearance of “clean” money..

FIG: Examples of fraud prevention strategiesFIG: Examples of fraud prevention strategies

FIG: Examples of fraud prevention strategies



Through its fraud prevention platform, Dock Protect acts in two processes of the fraud prevention cycle:

  • Monitoring of non-monetary events (registration updates).
  • Monitoring of transactional events (module Card according to the message ISO 8583, module Banking with layout specific);

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