About products

The Dock platform features solutions and processing capacity that covers a wide variety of types of products in the industry, as you can check below:

FIG: Types of products offered by Pier FLEXFIG: Types of products offered by Pier FLEX

FIG: Types of products offered by Pier FLEX

The issuer looking to deploy any of the products above should contact their sales account manager to get started with the contracting process and product setup.

Product setup

In order to deploy a new product, Dock needs to carry out certain activities for setup. And the issuer needs to inform:

• What is your type of product?
• What is your card brand?
• Which BINs will be used?
• Is it internationally accepted?
• What details should be printed on the card?
• What are the operations to be used (upfront payment, in installments with interests, withdrawal, etc.)?

Also, there is specific information for each type of product.

For instance:

• If it is a credit product, what payment due dates should be available?
• What re-financing fees should be applied?
• What is the percentage for minimum payment of the bill in relation to the bill’s total amount?

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